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Dimanche 18 Septembre 2005 - Cercle du Bois de Boulogne

Invitation to the 10th Charles C. Ritz Trophy

Trophée Charles C Ritz

The 10th Flycasting Trophée Charles C Ritz is to be held on Sunday, 18th Sept.2005, at "Le Cercle du Bois de Boulogne- Tir aux Pigeons" in Paris. This friendly tournament organized by the IFC gathers yearly the members of the club and their friends of 8 nations during 3 events, the Arenberg target, the Accuracy and the Distance Cast one hand. Let's have a look at the grounds, the restaurant and the cloakrooms. Open the page

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International Fario Club

Founded in 1958 by the late Charles César Ritz, the International Fario Club gathers flyfishermen throughout the world who meet in Paris once a year in autumn. More details

River Conservation Award

The 3rd Charles C Ritz Conservation Award will be issued in September '05. It rewards an individual or a society who manages an action to protect the quality of water, fish or the rivers. How to apply

Charles C Ritz. A Rivers Gipsy

Owner of the famous hotel of the Place Vendôme until his death in July 1976, Charles César Ritz devoted his life to sportfishing.

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The Sport of Casting Fly & Weight

Since the first casting competition in Paris in 1909 at the Tir aux Pigeons, casting weights and flies crossed the 20th century to finally nearly reach the Olympic Games.

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How to apply for Trophée Charles Ritz 2005

Application form: amateur, ladies, junior, split bamboo, or pro

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